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Rules for Event

Posted by larry on February 19, 2011

Please contact us if you have any questions on the rules.

This tournament is intended to be a day of fun for the boater and the Wounded Warrior / Veteran. The Tournament will be a Pro-Am team format. (Throughout these rules and other information, Pro and Amateur designations are frequently replaced with Boater and Non-Boater respectively.) Weight and standings will be determined by the combined weight of the Pro and Amateur team’s five largest fish. In other words, the Pro and Amateur will be working as a team for the day’s event. If any of the amateur contestants (Wounded Warrior/Veterans) require special considerations in order to fish, they must identify that to the tournament director upon registration.

1. RULES: Interpretation of these rules shall be left exclusively to the tournament Director. Protests must be made in writing no more than 15 minutes after the end of the tournament. The decision of the tournament director shall be final in all matters. This will be a Pro-Am team format where Boater and Non-Boater will be paired together and will work together as a team.

2. ELIGIBILITY: Participation in the tournament will be voluntary. Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older and must contact Larry Stoafer at [email protected] or 913-240-5254 to signify interest in participating. For this event specific requirements concerning professional or amateur eligibility are as follows: The professional is the boat owner operator. The amateur is the Wounded Warrior / Veteran. 

3. TAKE-OFF POSITION: Take off position will be based on the order in which Boater participation acknowledgement (e-mail or phone call) are received. 

4. ENTRY FEES & DEADLINES: There is no entry fee for this event. Boaters accept responsibility of volunteering their boat and equipment in an effort to get a Wounded Warrior / Veteran out for a day of fishing and friendly competition. 

5. REGISTRATION & PARTNER ASSIGNMENT: Registration must be completed online through the Fishing For Freedom website. Parings will be announced at the pre tournament meeting after check-in. All participants must check-in at the registration table at the designated pre-tournamnet meeting location between 4pm and 6pm Saturday.

6. INSURANCE: Boat owners must maintain at least $100,000 of Boating Liability Insurance and have a copy of their policy readily available in the boat during the tournament.

7. BOATS AND MOTORS: Any boat, 15 feet or longer, powered by a motor of 50 horsepower or more with a kill switch will be accepted. All boats must meet B.I.A. and Coast Guard requirements. No Over Powered Boats. Stick Steering will not be allowed. Each boat must have a functional bilge pump and livewell space, properly aerated, capable of keeping alive the daily limit of fish.

8. SAFETY AND SPORTSMANSHIP: Safe boating and fishing practices must be observed at all times. Life jacket must be fully zipped and snapped at all times when the big motor is running above an idle speed. The boater will have available an additional coast guard approved life jacket for their non boater’s use. Each contestant is expected to follow the highest standard of fairness, courtesy, safety and conservation. No Alcoholic Beverages or illegal drugs are allowed in the boats during official tournament hours. Violation of any of this section shall be cause for disqualification. A properly operating kill switch must be attached to the boat operator any time the big motor is operating above and idle. Each contestant is expected to operate their boat in a manner that does not jeopardize the safety of its occupants and public.

9. TACKLE EQUIPMENT & NETS: The boater shall have shareable tackle/equipment available for their non boaters to use for the day. Only artificial baits or lures may be used. Pork style baits are allowed. All bass must be caught on a rod and reel. Only one rod and reel in use at any time is allowed. Trolling is not allowed. Dip nets will be allowed to assist in landing fish only.

10. PERMITTED FISHING LOCATIONS: Anywhere on the tournament lake except as prohibited by law. Also off limits is fishing within 50 feet of another contestant’s anchored boat, the take-off cove, any area marked off limits by the Corps of Engineers or the Department of Conservation and any area designated by the Director as off limits.

11. SPECIAL SITUATIONS: Contestants may depart the boat to use Corps or marina restroom facilities. Contestants must leave from and return to official checkpoint by boat. In case of emergency competitors may be removed from their boat to: A boat operated by other competitors or a rescue boat. In the event of a mechanical breakdown or emergency situation contact Larry Stoafer at 913-240-5254 or Bob Greene at 913-240-4474.

12. TOURNAMENT TAKE-OFF AND WEIGH-IN TIMES: Tournament will begin at 0700. Weigh-in will be at 2:00 P.M. There will be only one site for check-out in the morning and check-in in the afternoon; said location will be at the Long Shoal Marina. All competitors must be in full compliance of all rules set forth by Directors. All boats shall identify themselves at the weigh-in site by means of boat number and proceed IMMEDIATELY to the designated weigh-in area.

13. SCORING: Largemouth Bass, Kentucky Bass, and Smallmouth Bass will be counted. Dead fish will not be counted. Do not bring dead fish to the weigh in. Any bass under the tournament’s legal length limit (15”) presented for weigh-in will result in disqualification of that fish and two (2) pounds being deducted from total weight of remaining creel. Golden Rule will be the official measure board. Tournament limit will be five (5) bass per boat.  There will also be awards for the heaviest “trash fish”, defined as any fish NOT a Largemouth Bass, Kentucky Bass, or Smallmouth Bass.

14. LATE PENALTY: Teams not at designated check-in site by official designated time will be penalized one (1) pound for each minute late up to a maximum of ten (10) minutes (pounds). Penalized weight will be deducted from the total weight of angler’s stringer. After the maximum of 10 minutes the team will be disqualified.

15. WEIGH IN: Weigh in bags will be provided by tournament officials. The bags will be at the check-in point until available bags have all been distributed. Once all bags are out you will need to pick up a bag at the bump tank. We will only weigh fish that are brought in, in the Official Tournament Bag. Once presented for weigh in the fish become property of the Tournament Director and will be released unharmed back into the tournament waters. 

16. TIES: In case of ties, winners will be determined by largest bass in the stringer, if still tied the winner will be determined by a coin toss. In case of a tie for big bass, winners will be determined by heaviest stringer, if still tied the winner will be determined by coin toss.

17. WINNING WEIGHT, PRIZES AND AWARDS: Awards will be presented at the conclusion of the weigh in.

18. KNOWLEDGE OF THESE RULES IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY: Failure to read these rules or ignorance of these rules is no excuse. Any extreme violation of rules will be grounds for disqualification. Any announcement made by the Tournament Director at the tournament site takes precedence over these written rules.